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Cyndi Wang

Cyndi Wang

Profile :

Born, September 5, 1982


Singer, Actress

Wang graduated from the Okazaki Arts School in Taipei, and from the Hua Gang Arts School (臺北市私立華岡藝術學校) drama course. Her family is originally from Qingdao, Sangdong, China, and she is Buddhist. Wang's mother is a Hakka, and Wang and her younger brother were raised in a single-parent family. She speaks Mandarin, Japanese, English and Hakka.

To date, Cyndi Wang has released 8 personal albums, nearly all of which carry her name. These include 6 solo albums: Begin (2003), Cyndi Loves You (2004), Honey (2005), Cyndi With U (2006), Magic Cyndi (2007) and Fly! Cyndi (2008). She also has two compilation albums—Shining Cyndi 2005 (2005) and Red Cyndi (2008)—and three Idol Drama Serials original soundtracks(OST).

Outside her music career, Wang has starred in various Taiwanese dramas, including Westside Story (2003), Le Robe de Mariage des Cieux (2004), and Smiling Pasta (2006). She acted with JJ Lin in 3 short love stories (all in 2006), a movie (Candy Rain) in 2008 with Karena Lam, held some concerts (personal concerts and with Jungiery's J-Stars) and she also made several commercials and personal endorsements, all of which received positive feedback.

Wang's national debut was at an Avex Trax competition in Taiwan in 2003. She had taken part in various singing competitions from an early age, and had previously won some appearances in the Taiwanese local drama Che Zheng Zai Zhui, in 1999; she had also appeared in the music videos of other singers such as Tanya Chua's video "Reminding" in 2000 even before she made her debut, Kenji Wu's Na Na Na mv after her debut.

Soon after the Avex Trax competition, Wang was called and given a chance to go to Japan. She decided to take on the challenge and go to Avex Trax's music studio in Japan to learn dancing and singing for 3 months from various famous lecturers(such as Hamasaki Ayumi, BoA, Utada Hikaru, Namie Amuro,& Hitomi). This was very successful as she learns fast. She even earned a graduation certificate with impressive results and records from Japan's Avex Trax. These achievements made Avex Trax Taiwan very impressed with her, and she was offered a contract by Taiwan's Avex Trax Music (making her the only Avex Trax female singer, the first ever local, and newcomer of the year in 2003). From that time she has been involved in her entertainment career. She has had contracts under Jungiery Star Pte Ltd, D Music, and Sony Music as well as Avex Trax.

Wang has been invited to sing at a number of events, including a 2008 New Year Countdown performance in Kaohsiung. About 3 years after her debut, she finally had her long awaited 1-month rest in December 2006. Since she made her debut in 2003, she has been very active in show business, in which her 8 personal albums and three soundtracks have been selling very well. Her dramatic appearances have also achieved great ratings.She also had concerts of her own & with J-Stars of Jungiery,endorsments & commersials. She spent her holidays with family members in December 2008 in Okata, Japan, although many people recognized her there.

Wang's friends in the entertainment industry include Beatrice Hsu, Ariel Lin, Rainie Yang, Sweety, Pamela Terri Kwan, Vivian Hsu, Show Luo, 5566, 183 Club, 7 Flowers, K One, Leon Jay Williams, Nicholas Teo, JJ Lin and Kenji Wu.

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